We are a company that has been established for 50 years, holding qualifications such as G7 CIDB and SPKK, SPAN C1, C2, C3, C4, and D Semenanjung, among others. Since 1973, we have been dedicated to building water infrastructure and reservoirs for our beloved country, Malaysia, contributing to the nation’s development.

Initially a sole proprietorship, our company was founded by Mr. Loo Sek Choy, our current Managing Director. Through his hard work and dedication to quality excellence, we have now developed into a strong team, jointly pushing forward the company’s vision and goals, achieving greater success.

To this date, we are proud to have provided services necessary for the development of many outstanding and successful water supply system projects.

With the cooperation of many stable suppliers and professional contractors, as well as the support of banks, we have become stronger in the face of many financial crises.

We hope to continue contributing to the growth of Malaysia, leveraging our strengths to supply water to the people.

我们是一家成立了 50 年的公司,拥有 G7 CIDB 和 SPKK,SPAN C1、C2、C3、C4和D Semenanjung 等资格。自 1973 年以来,我们一直致力于为我们深爱的国家马来西亚建设水基础设施和储水池,为国家的发展做出了贡献。

我们起初是一家独资企, 我们的创始人兼现任董事经理卢石才先生创办,凭借他的辛勤工作和对质量卓越的执着, 现在我们已经发展成为一个强大的团队,共同推动公司的愿景和目标,取得更大的成就。



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